Primary Care

Initial Visit $200 Return Visits $100 Problem Visits $65

Comprehensive history, complete physical exam, lab studies and care plan all in one place.

At each annual visit expect a comprehensive review of your health and well-being. A complete exam is provided and all findings are discussed openly.


In addition to complete annual physical exams, we offer cancer screenings, contraception, post-surgical scar massage, herbal and nutritional remedies, sexuality counseling and testing and treatment for:

     - menstrual problems

    - breast problems

    - vaginal infections

    - urinary tract infections

    - respiratory/sinus infections

    - chronic fatigue

    - menopausal concerns


The midwives participate in some insurance plans. Costs are subject to your deductible and

coinsurance. Fees include administrative costs and specimen transport. Laboratories bill for their services. Payment is appreciated at the time of the visit. Insurance claims are submitted in a timely manner. Major credit cards are accepted.

Hormonal Consultation

Initial $150, Return $100


ADRENAL FATIGUE: Many of us feel constantly overextended. We go to bed exhausted and awake feeling tired - only to start over again. Weekends used to be a time to relax and regroup. Now we catch up on housework, run errands, pay bills, take kids to practice, grocery shop and care for our elders.


Half a million Americans suffer from chronic fatigue and millions suffer from adrenal dysfunction.


Symptoms of adrenal dysfunction include:


      - fatigue

     - anxiety

     - food cravings

     - difficulty falling or staying asleep

     - irritability

     - low libido

     - decreased mental sharpness

     - digestive problems

     - headaches


When stressed, the adrenal glands produce cortisol to help us cope. It helps mediate blood

sugar, sleep patterns and metabolism. When the healthy stress response is fired up all the time, daily functioning becomes a challenge.


Non-invasive salivary testing for cortisol over the course of a day can show how well the adrenal glands are working. Lifestyle changes, dietary and natural hormonal supplements can get you back on track.


SEX HORMONES DURING MID-LIFE: Women today can expect half their lives to extend beyond menopause. Vitality and quality of life around menopause and beyond can be enhanced by balancing hormones through nutrition, lifestyle adaptations, stress reduction, mindfulness and by using bio-identical hormones when indicated.


Hormones should not be used simply to mask symptoms but to support us moving through physiologic transitions to enhance well-being well into the future. Non-invasive saliva testing can show if discomforts such as:


     - hot flashes

     - sleep problems

     - weight gain

     - low libido

     - food cravings

     - cognitive changes


- are caused by imbalance of progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, and DHEA levels.


A unique treatment plan can be designed by you and your midwife together.

Massage Therapy

Full therapeutic massage

60 min/$90, 90 min/$120

Breast massage treatment $65


While many consider regular massage treatments a luxury or indulgence, more and more people are discovering that this ancient therapeutic modality is a major component of an overall stress reducing, health enhancing lifestyle. For individuals with specific health problems bodywork and massage have become an indispensable component of their complementary health care. We offer advanced prenatal/postpartum, Swedish, myofascial, structural and visceral styles of bodywork.


CHILDBEARING: Massage therapy during and after pregnancy addresses the body’s many adjustments to these physiologic and emotional transformations. Bodywork is relaxing and addresses common “trouble spots” to provide relief from persistent discomforts. Emphasis is on relieving swelling, restoring length to muscles which may be compensating for postural changes and promoting a sense of well-being.


VISCERAL: Visceral massage is a subtle and gentle modality which treats a variety of conditions. It is particularly helpful for gynecological complaints.


BREAST: Clinical breast massage is offered to treat a variety of breast discomforts. Many women experience breast tenderness and swelling related to their menstrual cycles, pregnancy, lactation or involution after menopause. Scar tissue formation after any type of breast surgery is another cause of breast discomfort. Breasts are often compressed by tight-fitting clothes, which restrict circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid. This can result in pain and a dull aching deep in the breast tissue. Over time, poor circulation can cause breast scarring and disease. Breast massage can also be incorporated into a full body treatment. An independent breast massage should include drainage of the neck, arms and chest wall. Breasts have many meanings for us. Depending on our culture, family and local environment, they may symbolize femininity, sensuality, fertility or a source of self-consciousness or shame. Society and advertising reinforce ambiguous feelings about our breasts. Breast massage can be given through draping or directly on the skin. These treatments can help bring a positive connection with this vital, life-giving part of both body and spirit.



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